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On the road to Sturgis

On The Road To Sturgis (or any over-nighter) Your Bike Before you even think about going on a long putt like this, get your bike serviced and tuned up.  Check your fluids and oil.  Check your tire tread and pressure.  Since you aren't going to be taking a spare tire, unless you have a crash rig chasing you, you'll probably want to be certain your tires are ready for a trip of this scale.  The chance of there being a nearby motorcycle shop with an exact fit for your bike isn't always 100%.  Oil needs to be changed around 3k miles on average. Snug-up your nuts and bolts.  If your saddle bag bolts are loose, there just went $800 along with the contents of your bag.  Some guys use a little Loctite on the nuts most likely to rattle off.  Where do you get a tank nut at 11:00pm?  Check your oil cap, make sure it's snug.  Make sure your clutch and brake cables are good to go.   If you ride, eventually something is gonna break, especially if you don't pay attention.
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Mel Gibson Theory

Mel Gibson Theory #Initializing... Please forgive me for the availability of the video references I originally posted.  I will attempt to dig up reference links as time goes by to repair the damage to my blog by overzealous digital media rights buggery. First Impressions Most of us average folk really do care, at least to a degree, what others think and how they feel.   Compassion, I believe is hardcoded into our DNA. And though for some, that ship may have sailed right on past them,  I suspect that may be how we "tune in" to the wants and requirements of others.  Another thing I believe is true of the average worker bee, is that we are exhausted at the end of a work day and end up sitting on our cans watching TV.   Don't lie, you know you do.  Whether it's basic cable programming to Hulu or Netflix, you do it.  You have likely seen a thousand movies, only a handful of which you truly remember.  But the fact is you

9/11 Thoughts

9/11 Thoughts Problem, Reaction, Solution I freely admit that I bought into the sheeple mindset when the the towers fell.  "OH NO, TERRORISTS!" I had no clue that tower 7 had fallen or that they had found an intact passport belonging to a "terrorist hijacker" and not once did it even occur to me to question the whereabouts of any other evidence somehow lost in the burning rubble.  Hmm, that's some pretty convenient evidence.   And when Kissinger was chosen by the powers that be to head the 9/11 commission, why that didn't set off any bells or whistles for me can be summarized in one word.  Ignorance.  It might be bliss, but only for a short time.   Then it's time to face the facts that influence our ongoing lives. "You want to introduce something you know the people won't like. ... So you first create a PROBLEM, a rising crime rate, more violence, a terrorist bomb ... You make sure someone else is blamed for this problem ... So yo

Outrageous Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory What a vulgar term...   When you hear it, what happens within you?  On what side of the fence do you stand?   Does it confuse you?  Do you get angry or does it cause fear, or do you brush it off as fast as you forget a mediocre anecdote?  Is it possible that theories make their way from the realm of theoretical to fact?  Shall we ask a theoretical physicist?  Shall we ask the dreamer if their dreams have ever become reality after enough practical application?   What exactly is a conspiracy?  Do we really understand that term or has it been tossed about so much that it has become like childish cut rate slang in the urban dictionary?  Debunkers are out in force and would have you believe everything you see and hear that points to any false flag operation as a coincidence, "there's nothing to worry about... situation normal..." as the heads bury themselves in the sand...  Here is a  list of conspiracy theories (verifiably factual) that you can check

Where am I now?

I have become for most intents and purposes, a hermit, as most independent artists generally do.  I'm not agoraphobic or anything like that. In fact, when weather permits, I ride motorcycles and hang out with friends.  I simply have everything I need within reach and have been a homebody all my life.  Please contact me through my website or email.