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Mel Gibson Theory

Mel Gibson Theory

Please forgive me for the availability of the video references I originally posted.  I will attempt to dig up reference links as time goes by to repair the damage to my blog by overzealous digital media rights buggery.

First Impressions
Most of us average folk really do care, at least to a degree, what others think and how they feel.   Compassion, I believe is hardcoded into our DNA. And though for some, that ship may have sailed right on past them,  I suspect that may be how we "tune in" to the wants and requirements of others.  Another thing I believe is true of the average worker bee, is that we are exhausted at the end of a work day and end up sitting on our cans watching TV.   Don't lie, you know you do.  Whether it's basic cable programming to Hulu or Netflix, you do it.  You have likely seen a thousand movies, only a handful of which you truly remember.  But the fact is your mind has processed more than you are consciously aware and formulated long standing postulations based on your subconscious perspective.

It's not easy to get a person to agree with you, but it's effortless to get a person to think about it.  The more time that possibilities are pondered, the more likely it is to zero a person into a particular line of thought. It's like planting a seed.  You might say, "Wow, that's an interesting hairstyle..." And later on that day I may think, "What did he mean by that comment?"  I may not really care what I look like, but I may care what you think I look like!

How we are perceived is a very important thing to most of us.  Otherwise, why would anyone really need the make-up, hair dye, tattoos, piercings, dental hygiene, fake breasts, penile implants, expensive colognes/perfumes, big pickup trucks, pretentious housing, and costly campaign management? They say you only have one chance to make a first impression.  That may be true, however, it's evident that mind control, the power of suggestion, subliminal messages, and hypnosis and it's long lasting ramifications can take root in a subject over a longer period of time, even over the course of an entire career.  The first impressions aren't necessarily the only ones that stay with us.

So what does this all mean?
It's my suspicion, and has been for many years, that Mel Gibson's career has been manipulated to publicly dispel the very belief that there are any valid conspiracy theories, to encourage and make it acceptable to heckle and discredit "conspiracy theorists", and to program the population for future psyops against us.   Furthermore, I suspect his long career has been a carefully constructed mind control experiment in how to make people lose faith in,  and compassion for other people or their causes... He's a self contained false flag event against modern thought crime... a preemptive strike against the awakened few coming to conclusions that would risk facts and evidence being accepted as truth, and thus subsequent internal reaction.  Even events from his personal life, off camera, may have been staged or manipulated by the media to further this agenda, and some of this media is VERY convincing even though we know he's a two time Oscar winner with a penchant for drama and dominant dialogue. Is an actor capable of NOT acting?  Painters paint, right? My curiosity is simply does he know he's been manipulated in this manner?   If so, how did he learn about it, is he okay with it, and what comes next?   Has the handled become the handler?

Is it possible that this mission has already failed?
It is entirely possible that should enough people "become awakened" that Mel's unwitting participation in this plan will have been a failure.   But it's also just as safe to say that to a large degree, it's already been an overwhelming success.  Are we not already programmed?

Where did this come from?
Well, I've been following this guy's career since I was a youngster back in 1979, long before I had any idea what the word "pawn" meant outside of a good game of chess.  I think he's every bit as good a director as he is an actor, and oddly enough look forward to his upcoming works.  Loved the Mad Max trilogy (haven't seen the new one). Something about cowboys with different fundamental ideologies in the future fighting in a desert with a scarcity mentality, limited resources, and so on...   whoah... Where have we seen that before?  But of course, that's just the beginning of the story that is painted by each subsequent chapter of his career.

Let's first take a quick glance at his public IMDB record.  (Most recent first, some omitted entirely)
As an ACTOR he's racked up quite a collection.

1977 Summer City 

1979 Mad Max
Post apocalyptic ex-cop Cowboy vs. Motorcycle gang

1979 Tim 
Tim Melville
Mentally challenged man taken advantage of

1980 The Chain Reaction 
Bearded mechanic (uncredited)
Nuclear waste leak

1981 Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
Post apocalyptic ex-cop Cowboy vs. Gas Bandits

1982 Attack Force Z
Captain P.G. (Paul) Kelly
WWII commando

1982 The Year of Living Dangerously
Guy Hamilton
Journalist vs. foreign warmonger

1984 The Bounty
Fletcher Christian Master's Mate

1984 The River
Tom Garvey
Man vs. Bank

1984 Mrs. Soffel 
Ed Biddle

1985 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max Rockatansky
Post apocalyptic ex-cop Cowboy vs. Evil Queen in charge of an overcrowded town with scarce resource based economy

1987 Lethal Weapon
Martin Riggs
Crazy suicidal cop vs. drug smugglers

1988 Tequila Sunrise
Dale 'Mac' McKussic
Drug dealer with ties to Mexican drug cartel

1989 Lethal Weapon 2 
Martin Riggs
Crazy suicidal cop vs. diplomatic immunity

1990 Bird on a Wire
Rick Jarmin
relocated FBI informant

1990 Air America
Recruited into a covert and corrupt CIA airlift organization operating in Vietnam

1990 Hamlet 
Aristrocratic shennanigans to usurp a ruler

1992 Lethal Weapon 3
Martin Riggs
Crazy suicidal cop vs. Arms dealer

1992 Forever Young
Capt. Daniel McCormick
Subject for human cryogenics experiment

1993 The Man Without a Face
Justin McLeod
Scarey disfigured hermit accused of being a gay pedophile teaches a young boy how to think for himself.

1994 Maverick 
Bret Maverick
Roguish gambler plays poker.  Corrupt sheriff.

1995 Braveheart 
William Wallace
Dissent is bad.  Magistrate kills wife of terrorist.   Terrorist burns stronghold of magistrate.   Freedom is bad.  Rebellion is bad.  Incentivized betrayal.  Terrorism will not be tolerated.  Public torture followed by execution.

1995 Pocahontas 
John Smith (voice)
Disney movie.  Pocahontas' mothered by willow tree.  Foreign invasion and subsequent war.

1996 Ransom 
Tom Mullen
Rich man's son is kidnapped.  FBI home invasion.  Puts public hit out on kidnapper via TV media.

1997 Conspiracy Theory 
Jerry Fletcher
A man with PTSD obsessed with conspiracy theories becomes a target after one of his theories turns out to be true. Unfortunately, in order to save himself, he has to figure out which theory it is.   This was the most obvious.

1997 FairyTale: A True Story
Frances' Father (uncredited)
Fairies are real.

1998 Lethal Weapon 4
Martin Riggs
Crazy Suicidal Cop vs. Chinese mob

1999/I Payback 

2000 The Million Dollar Hotel 
Detective Skinner
Mentally ill people too poor to afford medical insurance.

2000 The Patriot 
Benjamin Martin
A rebel landowner is willing to sacrifice his property and his family to settle a score with a foreign enemy on domestic soil.

2000 What Women Want 
Nick Marshall
A chauvinistic executive gets in touch with his inner woman, utilizing this "insider info" to sleep with whomever he wants.

2002 We Were Soldiers 
Lt. Col. Hal Moore
An officer wins a major battle in the Vietnam war (see Gulf of Tonkin)

2002 Signs 
Rev. Graham Hess
The surviving family of a catholic preacher who has lost his faith, is accosted by aliens. (the mother is literally torn in half in a car accident)

2003 The Singing Detective 
Dr. Gibbon
a therapist/doctor encourages his patient to entertain paranoid plots.

2004 Paparazzi 
Anger Management Therapy Patient (uncredited)
Tongue in cheek.  He's getting help for his anger issues.  We forgive you, Mel.

2010 Edge of Darkness 
Thomas Craven
A cop investigates the death of his activist daughter, uncovers a corporate/government collusion.

2011 The Beaver
Walter Black
A nut talks to a sock puppet.

2012 Get the Gringo
A Criminal winds up in a Mexican prison where he befriends a 9 year old inmate.

Machete Kills (post-production 2013)
Luther Voz
Nothing public yet, but the movie is about the death of an arms dealer.

Wow!  What an actor!  What a workout!  But take a moment to recap a second on what he's done.
Now that's outta the way, imagine the preparation for these roles.   Look at the roles he's played where he's considered crazy, mad, and nuts:  Mad Max (3 movies), Tim, Lethal Weapon (4 movies), Man Without a Face, and most obviously the grandaddy of them all, Conspiracy Theory.

Now for years it's easy to see Mel Gibson as a complete and utter whackjob.  I realize that's vulgar, but I'm simply outlining a progression of thought here.   When a person acts like a jerk, most of the time, he's called a jerk.  Take Piers Morgan for example.  He's defined himself as an anti-gun person.  It's propagated by the media, therefore to NRA members or anyone that supports the 2nd amendment, HE's the nut.  Short of a miracle, he'll always be perceived that way.   I suppose being a nutjob is entirely a matter of educated perspective.   It may or may not truly be the case, but how you are perceived tends to be a very big part of how you are RECEIVED or REJECTED.   Once a mad hatter, always a mad hatter, right?  We don't spend much quality time with our enemies as a rule, and surely we don't listen to their unsolicited advice.   So now we look at Mel as a nutcase from here on, due to his movie roles and how well he sold them.   Mel will probably be forever an authority fighting criminally insane ex cop perpetually at war with something, especially a government.   And because of his real life public racist ranting, we can safely cart his crazy into the realm of reality.    Case closed.  Mel is crazy... don't trust him.   Now we ourselves are programmed to believe the opposite of what Mel is fighting for on screen or in real life, by default.

Is he really crazy?
Hard to say.  Of course, I hope the best for him.  But it's hard to teach an extremely anger prone, emotionally wrecked, overly dominant, and completely racist old dog any new tricks.  These are just my observations.  Your mileage may vary.  I'm not against Mr. Gibson in any way, shape, or form.   In fact, I love his acting and his directing.   It's the use of his career and the curious manipulation surrounding it that I question.    His rants in public are for him to deal with.  At some point he'll have a lot of explaining to do in order to satiate his offspring, and rebuild any relationships.

Mel's behavior, carefully planned by his handlers, has lead to the near death of his career, his relationships, and his credibility.   These events were used over the years to discredit him, align him to organizations such as Opus Dei & the Jesuits, resulting in an easy manipulation of public perception of him and the subject matter surrounding the roles he portrayed.   In any case, I wish the best for him and hope he can stay sober and wield better judgement for his own sake.

Since this post was written, at least two of the videos I referenced/included here were removed from Youtube.  Draw your own conclusions.


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